Step by Step Guide to Start a Bible Study

Starting a bible study to soak in the word of God is wonderful. Find out six easy steps to do it and the best source online for killer ideas to make your group standout.

Are you thinking of creating a group and starting your own bible study? It is always a good idea if you want to dig deeper into the word of God as well as to find fellowship apart from knowledge in the word. The good news is coming up with your own bible study does not have to be difficult.

In truth, you do not need to aim for the bigger kind of the bunch right at the get go. Do not be afraid to start small. The most important thing is to start it and get it going. Once other people see that you have a bible study going on and that it helps in assimilating and understanding God’s word better, it is very natural that other people interested in the same thing will be attracted to join.

So are you ready? Here are some steps for you to put up that bible study and start to get busy anytime this week. For more details, checkout as it provides the best resources for bible study online.

Step 1: Share your idea of a bible study with one or a couple of people. As mentioned, you can start small and there is nothing wrong with it. The minimum count is three people. It can be your best friend and your sister or brother with you and you can get the bible study up and away. Recruiting people always becomes easier once you have started because you can simply tell people about it and invite them.

Step 2: With the chosen people in your bible study, discuss how you will organize its flow. Naturally, praying together is the number one priority and what comes next to that is what is up to you to organize. Ask yourselves how do you want to study the bible? Do you want to pick a certain book and go through it? Do you want to come up with themes and then discuss it and find out what the bible has to say in it? These things will bring more structure to your bible study. To get more ideas, visit

Step 3: Come up with more substance to add to your bible study. What sort of details do you think will make your bible study more interesting? Will you have reading tasks after each session? What materials will you use? Do you think audio-visuals will help you better understand the word of God? Use what works for you and what you think will be easily available. You don’t have to have it already because some materials you can buy along the way.

Step 4: Schedule the bible study. This is one reason why it is good to start small because scheduling it will not be too hard. Pick a time when all members are available and once you have agreed on a schedule, make sure you stick and commit to it. Be consistent but also be sure to provide for the convenience of the members of the group.

Step 5: Open the bible study with prayer then sing songs of worship. These are nice activities to incorporate to your bible study. Other times, there are other materials you can share and read apart from the bible like scripture related poetry. You can ask different members to come up with this each time you will meet each other.

Step 6: Start the bible study! Ask for the wisdom of God and dive in to the word. Study it and savor it but make sure you don’t rush. To find more cool bible study ideas, visit today.